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Thomas Knight - Starlings - Single (Drums and Percussion) 
Jeff Halpin Jr. - Hello!
(Drums and Percussion)
Johnny Nicholl - Unkindness (Co-Producer, Drums, Vocals) 
Rea - Safe and Sound (Drums and Percussion, Production) 
Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 11.38.52
Mike Thompson - May - For Large Ensemble 
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Alfredo Ayala - Volver a Sentir (Drums and Percussion) 
bad oats_2-1_V1.jpg
The Bad Oats - The Other Side of Love - (Drums, Vocals, Engineer) 
Peter Gural - On My Own - Single (Drums and Percussion) 
The Bad Oats - Tinder Sweetheart - Single (Drums, Percussion, Engineer) 
Corrina Tadros - Wildfire (Drums and Percussion)
Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 11.37.57
Alida McKeon - Seasonal Affection (Drums)
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